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Akiza is unable to see Misty directly and faces her reflection as they Duel.

Through the Duel, Misty, who believes Akiza was responsible for her brother Toby's death, tells Akiza what she believes to be the story of how her brother died and how the news of the event, caused Misty to be hospitalized, leading her to be reborn as a Dark Signer. Tormented by the truth, Akiza loses the will to continue the Duel. However, Sayer appears to save her from landing on a shard of shattered glass. He proceeds to deviously manipulate her into awakening her powers as the Black Rose once again.

Now more confident and destructive, Akiza doesn't even flinch, as she takes damage from Misty's attacks. With all of the mirrors gone, the two of them now confront each other face-to-face. Akiza continues to Duel under the influence of Sayer, until Yusei tricks Sayer into telling the truth of what happened to Toby.

This causes Misty to have " Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua " devour Sayer, avenging her brother's death and relinquishing Sayer's influence from Akiza. Before Misty could surrender, the Earthbound Immortal possesses her. While this occurs, Akiza who still appears to be in some kind of trance, finally snaps out of it, as she hears Yusei calling out for her.


Black Rose Books | Book List | The University of Chicago Press

In the end, Akiza emerges victorious, causing Misty to vanish, knowing she's at peace. The captive souls of the "Ccarayhua" are set free and Misty's locket is left behind. Akiza picks it up and feels sorry for Misty. Akiza is unable to activate the last control unit before the sun sets, allowing the King of the Netherworld to be revived. As Akiza observes the Condor geoglyph appear in the sky, the King of the Netherworld emerges and makes its way to the condor.

Her,e Goodwin reveals himself to be the final Dark Signer and attaches the arm of the fifth Signer to himself. He declares that a Shadow Turbo Duel will be held within Condor geoglyph as a ritual to welcome the King of the Netherworld. Here Akiza discusses Misty's last photo shoot in Paris, simultaneously laughing in amusement as Carly is flustered over her forgotten role in the prior events, as well as rejoicing in the number of lives saved. Akiza at Duel Academy.


Akiza returns to Duel Academy and enrolls into the high school division and becomes the best student in her division overall. Hearing that Leo and Luna 's class is going to get removed from the school and the students will be expelled, she enters their class and tries to stop the expulsion, arguing in her statement that having low Level monsters doesn't mean that you are weak and foolish, and she would absolutely never forgive any adult for taking advantage of children at all.

After Yusei interrupts, she watches and cheers for him in his Duel against Rudolph Heitmann. Later, Yusei gets kidnapped by a corporation seeking to coerce him into competing in the World Racing Grand Prix for them. Akiza was intent on rescuing him. After receiving a tip off from Elsworth on Yusei's location, she and Mina find him trapped in the back of a remote controlled truck. Using her powers, Akiza Summons " Rose Tentacles " and has it break open the truck and proceeds to leap on herself.

Although reluctant at first, she gets on the back of Yusei's Duel Runner and the two of them jump off to escape. Boss and his goons attempt to kill the Duelists by dropping a truck on top of them, but Akiza plays Yusei's " Stardust Dragon " causing it to appear as a real monster and hold up the truck. Intrigued by Sherry's words about the uniqueness of Turbo Dueling, Akiza became interested in becoming a Turbo Duelist. Her friends construct her a Duel Runner, the Bloody Kiss.

As she trains, she is mocked by the male students.

Emmys 12222: 'Game of Thrones' and 'Fleabag' Win Big, Plus All of the Show's Most Memorable Moments

Yusei helps her train, including taking her skating to work on her balance. Leo and Luna debate on whether that was a date or not as they watch. After passing the initial tests, her final test is a Duel against Trudge. In addition to being new to " Speed Spells ", Trudge is harsh on the course and easily stops her " Black Rose Dragon " on the first turn.

The male students from earlier detonate a trap, causing a frame holding back large pipes to collapse and spill in her direction. Using what she learned from Yusei she dodges the pipes and defeats Trudge. Sherry watched the whole thing and was impressed. Yusei and friends welcome her to the world of Turbo Dueling. After her exam, she continues practicing with Yusei on her Turbo Dueling. Realizing that Luna was Dueling and that something wasn't right, she, Yusei, Crow , and Jack decide to look for her.

Once they find her, they all notice that she's Dueling with Leo against someone using a creature similar to the one Yusei Dueled against. Akiza later joins Team 5D's as a substitute, and decides to support her friends throughout the World Racing Grand Prix. Crow is a little upset at first, but eventually warms up to it, to the point that she receives a call from him so that she can practice.

On the day of the first round, after Jack had lost against Andre , Akiza becomes nervous before her Duel begins. In response to that, Yusei points out that her parents have come to see her Turbo Duel and that she is not alone like before. Yusei gives her his " Stardust Dragon ", and believes that she can use it well. Akiza commences her Duel, but Andre is able to drastically reduce her Life Points. Ultimately, Andre succeeded in countering her moves, but before he could claim victory, Akiza used the remainder of her Life Points to bring back "Stardust Dragon" for Yusei to use.

While training for the next round against Team Catastrophe , she found herself in the same situation that Crow, Jean and Andre were before they crashed. Reacting quickly, she tried to use " Rose Tentacles ", augmented by her powers , to try to escape the situation, but to her shock, she discovered that she couldn't use her powers at all. Inevitably, as a result, her Duel Runner is damaged and she loses consciousness. Sometime later, while Yusei is fighting against Primo , Akiza finally awakes due to the severe thunderstorm caused by Primo. She then remembers what happened and concludes that her powers have mysteriously vanished.

While there in the hospital , because of her mark, she becomes aware of Yusei fighting, while she helps Haluna , who is afraid of the thunder hitting the city. Later, when the storm is amplified due to a tornado caused by Primo, the intense wind causes the hospital's windows to break and Haluna gets caught up in it.

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Thinking that she could save her easily if she could use her powers, she eventually reminds herself of her former view of them and decides to help Haluna on her own. After successfully rescuing her, she finally understands that her powers are not necessary to help people. Akiza in the end concludes that she doesn't need that "cursed power" anymore. She later assists in luring out Lazar to gain information on them.

When Lazar shows them a Turbo Duel Puzzle to access a database Akiza completes the first puzzle after Lazar had failed. She is seen as part of the pit crew once Crow has his arm healed, supporting her teammates through their victories against Team Taiyo and Team Ragnarok and appears with Yusei, Jack, and Crow to confront and compliment the teams.

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Akiza and the twins help Carly in her report about Team 5D's recalling the events that brought them together only to have it ruined when Stephanie accidentally spilt coffee all over Carly's computer. She watches as the power of Synchro Summoning and Ener-D become too powerful over years of abuse, creating a second Zero Reverse event that resulting in the Meklord Emperor Genocide. After returning to the present, she is conflicted as to whether what she just saw was the truth or not, but continues to believe in Yusei and the future she and her friends are trying to create.

When the gang gets split into three groups due to Z-one 's trap, she travels with Crow to the center of the structure. When Sherry appears before them, the two of them Duel her.

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Sherry plays her " Ecole de Zone " Field Spell , separating them. After struggling for a few turns, Akiza sees through Sherry's trick and with Crow's help successfully Summons her " Black Rose Dragon ", using its effect to destroy the Field Spell. Because of the effect of the new Field Spell all three of them receive damage , with Akiza on the verge of being defeated. Crow saves her from defeat, and Akiza returns the favor by saving him from a direct attack from Sherry's " Sorciere de Fleur " and helping win the Duel. During the Duel, Sherry reveals to them that she wishes to create a world where everyone gets to be with their family, herself included.

Crow was hesitant to continue fighting when he saw a few orphans from the Satellite in the vision, but Akiza quickly reminds him that millions of people will die if they let Sherry and Z-one destroy New Domino City. She also tells him that as long as he believes in the future, anything can be done. With his conviction returned, they continue the Duel. Sherry is defeated, however because the cards in the Duel are real her "Soul-Binding Gate" crumbles and is about to fall on her. Akiza and Crow then convince Sherry to join their cause.

When Yusei begins to Duel Antinomy , Akiza's mark glows and she senses that something is wrong. They reunite with Yusei and the others, and Akiza notices that Vizor was not there with them. When she asks Yusei where he is, Yusei tells them his true identity was Bruno, a friend of Z-one who died to save Yusei. They move to the main support gear, where they find Z-one, and Aporia, who appears a few moments later. When Aporia tries to reason with Z-one, he reveals that Z-one also had hope for the future and hope for Team 5D's, which surprises Akiza greatly.

Like everyone else, Akiza becomes shocked to see Z-one's true face when it is unveiled by Yusei's attack. After Yusei defeats Z-one and the Divine Temple disappears, Akiza begins to cry over his apparent death, but later rejoices when he reappears over the horizon.

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