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I enjoyed the interaction between all the characters yet the gore and bloody atrocities described are realistic within the context of this book. I am definitely looking forward to the other works by this author. May 22, Don Mitchell rated it liked it. I listened to the audible. As a distractor, this book suited its purpose well. It has a prototypical fast plot, some mild sex, and the standard hopeless situation. No deus ex machina. The character development is decent for the genre but still fairly one-dimensional.

The technology is good—no miracles.

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I was reading The Plot Against America while listening to this. They were fairly similar in presen I listened to the audible. They were fairly similar in presenting a presidential level plot against America. In this book, the main character is a savior. In Philip Roth's book, the main character is a victim.

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Philip Roth's book had superb denouement but a weak climax. This book had a strong climax but horrible denouement. In fact, I suggest you close the book after the climax. The denouement detracts from the book so horribly. Overall, a decent light read or listen. Jan 01, Mike rated it really liked it.

Tommy Carmellini: Liars and Thieves 1 by Stephen Coonts (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

I'm a late-comer to Stephen Coonts books. Having exhausted Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, I gave up trying to find a good action-suspense series of books.

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Coonts books of Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton have reawkened my love of good action-suspense, spy, good-guy-vs-bad-guy books. This one shows Tommy Carmellini getting in to a mess he had nothing to do with -- and then getting out with the help of his buddy Grafton. The action is well written, the plot is easy to follow as Carmellini depends I'm a late-comer to Stephen Coonts books.

The action is well written, the plot is easy to follow as Carmellini depends on friends with unique skills hacking, lock-picking to help get him out of trouble -- and solve an international incident. This is the first book in Tommy Carmellini series. Tommy is burglar turned CIA agent. Tommy was introduced in Stephen Coonts Jake Grafton series. Jake Grafton helps Tommy in this story. The story was good. This story is inspired by one of the KGB archivists who escaped Russia with six suitcase full of classified information.

I enjoyed reading and i really loved the characters. It had all sort of CIA stuffs, politics, betrayal and rogue spies. It had lot of suspense and i liked the ending. The re This is the first book in Tommy Carmellini series. The reason behind the risk they had taken to destroy the information was shocking.

Never expected that while i was reading. My rating is 3. I would be much better off reading these series in order, but that is not always how I come in contact with books. Having previously enjoyed later Tommy Carmellini adventures it was fun to read more of his background story. This is a well written military-political thriller with plenty of action.

If you have ever read any, Stephen Coonts before you will know what I mean. Aug 27, Gloria rated it liked it Shelves: suspense-thriller. Burglar turned CIA agent Tommy Carmellini finds himself in a confusing and dangerous situation with no one to trust. This character and fast-paced plot will appeal to fans of the series "Burn Notice.

This is a fun read overall, but does acquire a lot of dead bodies by the end of the story. Non-stop page-turner.

Stephen Coonts

Excellent story. Non-stop action. All the makings of a great thriller. Read it in just a few days. Kind of had a Jason Bourne feeling to it as CIA agent Tommy Carmellini is mistakenly singled out by other agents and has a hit on his head.

Saluran unggulan

An element of mystery as Carmellini flees not knowing for certain who he can trust. Has several twists at the end of the story. I think I'm going to enjoy the Carmellini series and more by this author. This audiobook was a lot of fun, mostly narrated by the character of Tommy Carmelini, a decidedly bad boy hero working for the CIA. Sex and violence happens but not explicitly and there are plenty of plot twists and turns. Apr 24, Heather Rauch rated it it was amazing. Wow, excellent thriller! Can't wait to read the next one.

I like that the author was able to make Tommy a rough bachelor without using explicit scenes. The intrigue was well done too, couldn't put the book down. Apr 04, Mario J. Very disappointing, not like his first books. Dec 27, Mjoneill rated it it was ok. An excellent, mindless, escape. The literary equivalent of empty carbs. Wouldn't really recommend it, unless someone is looking for something that won't challenge them or make them think.

Aug 21, Mike French rated it really liked it. Stephen Coonts has written another page turner thriller. If you haven't read any of the Tommy Carmellini start with this one! Excellent story, but editing mistakes most likely from the print to ebook conversion, take away from the reading enjoyment. I feel like I may have read this book before. Someone wants to control a devastating secret Someone rich and powerful. The first woman ever hired by legendary defense lawyer Matthew Reynolds, Tracy Cavanaugh cuts her teeth on a horrifying crime: the car-bomb murder of Oregon Supreme Court Justice Robert Griffen. Reynolds's client--and the chief suspect--is none other than the icy but celebrated prosecutor Abigail Griffen, the Justice's estranged wife. Tracy's research plunges her into a web of betrayal and revenge, of secret deals and hidden passions. An American general is captured by Islamic extremists in the Middle East. They threaten to behead him within days.

One strange fact: Moments before he is rendered unconscious during the attack, the general notices that his unseen captors speak American English. What's going on? Evan Smoak is a man with skills, resources, and a personal mission to help those with nowhere else to turn. He's also a man with a dangerous past. Chosen as a child, he was raised and trained as part of the off-the-books black box Orphan program, designed to create the perfect deniable intelligence assets - i. He was Orphan X. Evan broke with the program, using everything he learned to disappear.

Sam Dryden, retired special forces, lives a quiet life in a small town on the coast of Southern California. While out on a run in the middle of the night, a young girl runs into him on the seaside boardwalk. Barefoot and terrified, she's running from a group of heavily armed men with one clear goal - to kill the fleeing child. After Dryden helps her evade her pursuers, he learns that the year-old, for as long as she can remember, has been kept in a secret prison by forces within the government. But she doesn't know much beyond her own name, Rachel. Carmellini arrives to find the guards shot dead, and a ruthless team of commandos - American commandos - slaughtering everyone in sight, then setting the house on fire.

He escapes a hail of bullets and a deadly mountain car chase with what seems to be the sole survivor, a beautiful and mysterious translator who steals his car and leaves him for dead at the first chance. What secrets did the defector know?